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We invite you to Join BRAC today! In addition to excellent website exposure, membership in BRAC has many other benefits including quarterly luncheons, seminars, and other helpful information. Annual cost is very reasonable - even for a single unit owner - and you will be welcome. The BRAC website is one of the first places prospective renters look when locating in Charlottesville, receiving hundreds of visitors daily.

Membership Type

Owner/Manager Membership
(owners and/or managers of 1 or more
dwelling units)
  Associate Membership
(companies or individuals who supply goods and services to the housing industry)
Annual Dues: Annual Dues:
$395 + $1.22/unit $160

Company Information

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Email Address:
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List of Properties

List the names, addresses and telephone numbers of ALL apartment communities and/or rental locations that you manage, own or in which you have an ownership interest and the number of units at each property.  (Email list separately if necessary to

Name Address Telephone Number
of Units
of Beds
Type * Category *

Apartment, Condominium,House, Townhouse, Duplex, Cottage, etc.

Market, Student, Senior, Low-Income, etc.


This application is made in accordance with and subject to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation of the Virginia Apartment & Management Association, Inc.   I / we agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and Bylaws (and all amendments thereof) of the Association.   In the event of membership termination, I / we agree to immediately discontinue the use of said Association's insignias, logos, forms and membership services in any form.

Check if You Agree

I understand that dues are on an annual basis and by the end of the calendar year I will receive a dues billing for the following year which will reflect any unexpired pro-rata of my initial dues.

Check if You Agree

Your membership is subject to approval of the BRAC Board of Directors and receipt of your check for the 1st Year's dues.